Face Coverings by Javier Mariscal (Sold as Set of 3)

Introducing a series of face coverings with uplifting designs by acclaimed artists Ron Arad, Javier Mariscal and Francesco Clemente, produced in collaboration with Christopher Farr Cloth. The face coverings, which include designs inspired by famous historical figures, well dressed smiles and quirky illustrations will bring a sense of fun and happiness to this now everyday item. Finished with a smart stitched edge detail and a soft, pliable metal band over the nose, which can be adapted for the wearer, each mask offers a supremely comfortable fit. In addition, within the two layers of cloth there is the option of adding a third layer, providing extra protection and peace of mind. Sold as a set of three designs.
  • Colour Various
  • Category Accessories
  • Content 96% polyester/4% elastane
  • Width 32cm wide (expandable) 12cm high
  • Country of origin China
  • Other Price includes shipment UK ONLY

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