Christopher Farr Cloth


Established in 1988 Christopher Farr originally specialised in Antique rugs and textiles which were shown alongside some early contemporary designs by Christopher Farr. A collaboration with Royal College of Art textile and fashion students in 1991, to design a group of rugs for an exhibition entitled 'Brave New Rugs' became a breakthrough event in the world of design. The resulting attention the show received led to a further collaboration in 1993 with Romeo Gigli, the acclaimed Italian fashion designer. The youthful vigour of the early projects was seen as anathema to the staid environs of antique rugs. "Up to that point, new rugs were a dirty word. People laughed at us", Farr says now. "Nobody else was doing it at the time." Christopher realised that if there was to be a future for rugs, it had to be contemporary. Farr states, "It was the only option". Further collaboration with the likes of John Pawson, Andrée Putman, Gary Hume, Verner Panton as well as Reproducing archive designs by such figures as Marian Pepler, Gunta Stolzl and Anni Albers, has established Christopher Farr at the forefront of the industry. 

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